When Your Heart Breaks | state of mind at that time.

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Whenever Your are in Love and after for some reasons When your heart breaks. What kind of thoughts come inside your mind, here I detailed describe all the situations which your mind tolerating.

“Love teaches you to live in the dream world”

A Person who is fallen into love is always think about his or her partner, this feeling is absolutely awesome.

When you are with this person you become relaxed and happy, You forget all the obstacles of your life. You give more importance to that person and You be ready to face and difficulty together when you are in love. That is the reason why you give you are the most exclusive thing the heart to him or her.

“Loving some one is gift of God”

When you here his/her name you can’t control the inner happiness of yours. When you are upset only small smile of that one person can make your day.

You trusted that person a lot, that is why you share all the secret of your life. You tell them about your Past and he or she take it as their past. For only to Become important part of your life.

“to Love someone means that to have one Soul in two Bodies”

Falling in love is the happiest place where the soul of two bodies stay as one. In love, you have someone to take care of you, one who is always afraid of losing you.

“Love is like Music”

Every love song reminds you of your love. you feel like your loved one is nearby you. Everyday become beautiful in love.

“when your heart break, that is the worst time of your life”

The power of love is too high. A person fallen into love can do anything. He or she can even die for each other. You will never understand how high the power of love is until you can’t see the world upside down. A person who meant world to you suddenly tells that, “it’s over now. I want break up.” this sentence can make your life upside down.

While it’s hard to accept at first, this is literally a good indication, having a broken heart.  It means you have infactuated something, you have tried for something, and you have let soul educate you.

“Life teaches you a lot”

Life will aim to break you downwards sometimes; nothing and no one can totally save you from this truth. Remaining alone and thrashing from the globe won’t either, for abundant, dead isolation. It will also break you with destructive regret and craving.

By listening this words your heart gets completed broken, that no one can stitch it again. You feel lonely and feel like everything is completed now.

The person you liked or loved in the past. Who use you like dust again and again has nothing mentally or psychologically offer you in the present consequence. But more headaches and distress.

When our heart is shattered, our brain has a very unlike schedule than we do. As a solution, it finishes up cheating us and making things unfortunate. If we want to end harming and move on. We need to know when NOT to belief what our brain tells us.

“Desires of the heart will flow away by tears”

Whole day and night you start crying thinking about your love. You start remembering the old lovely memories of you spent with them and you love to listen sad songs.

Being heart breaks feels like there comes earthquake in the heart and suddenly breaks your heart into infinite pieces. You feel like there is nothing to stay alive. Everything is completed and try yourself to commit suicide or fall into any bad habits.

“it is better to be ruined away in Love than to become something Good in Love”

You don’t have to do such type of things. you have to focus on your goal. You make new friends, Burn out old memories that remember you of your love.

When your heart breaks then stop harming yourself. You need to welcome the truth of the separation and make attempts to move on. We require to decrease the quantity of time we pass thinking about the person  who shattered our heart. We require to reduce their existence in our ideas and our lives, slowly but firmly.

Some sections in our lives have to adjacent without closure.  There’s no tip in misplacing yourself by trying to grasp on to what’s not plan to visit.

When your heart breaks

Sometimes you’re going to gaze back. On this time in your soul as such an major time of sorrowing and growing.  You will see that you were in sorrowing and your heart was breaking, but your life was growing.

When your heart breaks you become silent and get angry on others for no reason. In this type of situation you have to think that you can’t control your sadness. Your tears that are rolling from your eyes. But you can control your behaviour. You have to choose between two to continue the cycle of sadness or act according to your power.

You would think that you should get good after breakup. but it is not like that. But you get wiser and stronger. After breakup you learnt something from that. So you think that the person have entered in your life to teach you a lesson. You have something from it. That is your choice to get attached in such type of relationships. Or go for secure some goal for life. Karma will take the revenge of that person. “What Goes Around, Comes Around” – always keep this phrase in your mind and be positive.

“when your heart breaks”

If you are feeling to cry then cry out, it will feel relaxed to you. Talk with your friends and family members who are trustworthy. Fir example if something causes us strain. Like a hot furnace, our mind’s situation is to remind us not to touch that hot furnace again. To make definite we recall how painful it was the first time. The more painful the event, the more our brain will work to make definite we don’t forget it. So we never make that “mistake” again.

When someone rejects you it doesn’t mean you need to also reject yourself or think of yourself as less incompatible.  It doesn’t mean that nobody will ever want you longer. Remember that there are millions of people in the globe and only ONE person has avoided you.  And it only hurts so bad right now because, that one person’s judgement constitute the judgement the entire globe.  But that’s not the reality.

Life and God both have prominent plans for you. That is why don’t involve crying at night or accepting that you’re shattered. Always remember.

Anything that makes you feel stressed today, make you feel confident tomorrow.

When Your Heart Breaks | your state of mind at that time.

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