Things Money can’t Buy | For this Rupees don’t matter.

Money is the most Essential need of life, without which no one can meet the basic needs of its routine life. But all things Money can’t buy.

In the current time, Money is vivacity for a life and one could purchase every thing. But sometime money can’t buy all things.

If we have no money, we cannot spend it for our life. Money is like blood in our body. But, money isn’t more important than friendship.

In today’s world money is very important and without money it is difficult to live. Money plays an important role in everyone’s life. You can fulfil any of your dream by Money.

Money help us in every aspect of life, but money is not everything. there are many Things Money can’t Buy. If someone needs love, then he can never fulfilled with money.

There are many Things that Money can’t Buy for example respect, a worry free day, Peace of Mind, Luck, happy memories, time to relax, a positive attitude, happy home, good Karma, true love, talent, a second chance in life happiness, Selflessness etc.

Here i share with you some of them.

1st Things that Money can’t Buy is someone’s LOVE

Money can buy attraction and beauty but not love. Because love is heart felt and Money is used to pay for a product or service. But love did not need it.

Love is inner feeling it cannot be bought by money.

the love given to child by her mother but cannot be bought by Money” – ONn

2nd Things that Money can’t Buy TRUTH

Money may suppress truth for sometime. Even with money the wrong may win but its influence is for short time. Truth cannot be stopped.

One or other day truth is going to come. In end, no matter how much money you spend on suppressing the truth, it will always be revealed at end.

3rd Things that Money can’t Buy your GOOD HEALTH

Money can buy medicines, but it cannot buy natural health. Its painful to see celebrities and many other wealthy people spend lot of money to keep their beauty. This is not at all natural.

Things Money can't Buy | For this Rupees don't matter.

Ageing is natural beauty, wrinkle is natural beauty, white hair is natural beauty, money spent on all this is vein and it will harm our health.

4th Things that Money can’t Buy TIME

The time you passed will never get back, every minute you are closer to your death.

It is impossible to buy time with money. Despite of research and science it is impossible to extend life. Wealth may spend more money to extend lives but they too die around same age as everyone else.

5th Things that Money can’t Buy INNER PEACE

Its said that more wealthy you are the more conflict your mind will be.

The more rich you are the more unhealthy your mind will be.

You can’t buy your inner peace with money.

No matter how much money you spend but you can’t find inner peace.

Inner peace comes from being healthy train your mind, set expectations.

6th Things that Money can’t Buy your FAMILY

money can buy a house, bungalow but not a good home.

It is seen that more wealthy the people, the more unhappy the family. In a home where family is unhappy,  what is the need of money !!! 

The connection between family member can only build with love. by using money when there is a need of kindness and space you will lose respect from family. So, show them love rather than using money.

7th Things that Money can’t Buy TRUE FRIENDS

How many people are with you when you have money does not signify that they are your true friends.

They are not your true friends, be at your temporary and greedy friends.

They will leave you when you don’t have money.

“These are tied with your money not with your emotions”

So, make friends who are not tied with your money but tied with your emotions.

“True friends are always become by your act and behaviour not by throwing bunch of money on their face” – ONn

8th Things that Money can’t Buy TALENT

Talent is a naturally present thing in us.

We have many expertise from our birth and then if they are properly nurtured then it turns into skill. So a person become expertise in that section.

Money can be used to improving our skill but not for buying someone’s talent.

“We cannot by someone’s talent by giving some amount of money” – ONn

9th Things that Money can’t Buy Ability to avoid inner Pain.

Both the rich and poor family live different lives, face different problems but at last the heart is same in all. The sensitive system is same in poor and rich families.

Someone you loved dies, that pain is too much bigger than money in your bank no one can avoid this inner pain.

This pain is felt same by both poor and rich family. So no money can avoid emotional feelings. Therefore you have to be strong to overcome this inner feelings rather than hoping that money could buy it.

10th Things that Money can’t Buy someone’s RESPECT

There is a misunderstanding in the society that rich families gain respect naturally, but it is not at all true. It has nothing to do with the money.

It is all depends on your behaviour in society.

If you are disrespected from other peoples then you are disrespected from society also, no matter how many amount of money you own. respect is owned by behaviour,  not by wealth.

People may work for you not because you are respected by them but because of you have money.

11th Things that Money can’t Buy is your your INNER BEAUTY

Beauty is natural thing. It cannot be gained by giving some amount of money.

For some time You may decide to hide it, but for how long can you hide this reality??? by money you can look beautiful or handsome by outside but what about inner beauty!? 

“Inner beauty is gain by having kind nature of heart and helpful behaviour” – ONn

There are many people who are not good looking from outside but they are best from inside.

From past years, I learned about making money, It helps in living life more comfortably, easier and good. But having a wrong belief that money can buy anything is not good for happy life. Everything cannot be bought by money.

Things Money can't Buy | For this Rupees don't matter.

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