Mistakes in Parenting | 5 Mistakes Keep InMind while Parenting

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Every parents want to give good upbringing to their child but some Time They Do lotsoff Mistakes in Parenting and this affect their childs hole life.

All parents are not same because they are also a human being thats why they also do some Parenting Mistakes which unknowingly or unintentionally. 

Sometime they also never know about that which things affect their child good or bad. They need to know them so that they correct it before it is too late. 

As a parents nobody would want that it his Parenting Mistakes made a bad impact on his child life.

Learn about the top 5 biggest Parenting Mistakes so that you can avoid them and rise children in health environment.

1st Parenting Mistakes is Over Protecting of Care

As a patent it is natural that you protect or care your child But over protecting and caring is not good for your child .

And By doing this your child will not learn anything for himself . He or She will have to take help to doing anything and he or She will not be able to face this world alone. 

That’s Why It is good to let your child to learn from his mistakes for sometime with their Own Ways.

2nd Parenting Mistakes is Having unrealistic expectations

As a parents you have to understand your child .

It is not necessary that your child is good in all activities or things, because every child is different and  it is not possible that all can be all around.

Do not have an unrealistic expectations from your child because this will harm your child growth.

By doing this it will be confused him self. So that he or she will not able to do any work well.

3rd Parenting Mistakes with comparing others

Parents compare their child with other child and by doing this they feel that their child will also be able to do the work that other children’s do. But they never know that it is the biggest mistake they made. 

If he is not able to do that work then it will have a very bad effect in the mind of the child and life also. 

This kind of negative thing is might have a long-lasting negative effect and the child might become aggressive or jealous.

So realise to them that you whatever do in your life . But first you love yourself.

4th Parenting Mistakes is criticize you child Everytime

If a parents criticize in all things which were done by their child, then the child will be unable to do new things or any work. 

Because he will think that nobody will encourage his work and then he will get away from his loved ones. 

Child feel that no one understand him. 

Parents feel that criticism will motivate their children but they never know that excess of Criticism might backfire and their child might even give up easily.

5th Parenting Mistakes is Negative labelling

If as a parents you stop your child on a small things and say don’t do it, “you cannot do this”, ” you don’t understand anything”, ” you Don’t Do anything without my permission”.  This kind of behaviour of parents it is very bad effect on your child mind.

When the child make a mistake explain it to him and let his decision take him by himself whatever he is doing right or wrong.

Mistakes in Parenting

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