Bad Memories | 8 Ways to Removed It.

8 Ways which will Never let you Live in your Past

In human life there can be two aspect of past life, this was good or Bad Memories. If it all thing was with good Memories in past then this is the person who most happiest in the universe. But it is not possible for human being, all human have some Bad Memories in past Which make us sad at present.

Maybe In past something was unacceptable thing done. Such as it was related with your painful upbringing or it can be something that broken your heart. Anything can happen which will hurt you in yet.

But the past cannot be changed and nor does it come back. That’s why being said by remembering Bad Memories of the past is not a matter of understanding.

So how to get away from Bad Memories?

here are 8 ways which will never let you live in your past

1. Be Active to Forget Bad Memories Forever.

it is said that”The empty mind is the house of the devil”. if your mind is empty then lot’s of thoughts came inside. In which mostly are relate with your past. 

An empty mind always reminds past when you are not busy with anything, But if you are busy with some work then you will not have time to remember this things.

“So it is very important to stay busy”.

2. Meet new people and Forget Bad Memories.

This is why some old things are missed Because we Do not socialize with people. If you want to forgot those things then you have to meet new people.

In every human being there are different specialities and it is very important for you to know those things so that you can understand them And that’s why you should socialize with them.

By knowing people you will know that there is a lot’s of trouble in the world. In which some of are bigger than yours. You will get to know all this thing from peoples that is why you must meet them.

3. Do not leave yourself alone

Not leaving yourself alone means always you stay with someone or something that is could be a book or a friend it’s up to you.

If you keep yourself alone without any then maybe possible that you lost in your own thoughts and it is difficult to get out of it.

That’s why try to be with someone every moment, So that you can avoid the memories of your past.

4. Destroy things that connected with your Bad Memories.

There are some things that remind you of your past. Maybe posible that it is an old picture which you have saved or maybe there is a diary . Anything can happen that will be keep you connected with past life.

You have to distance yourself from all these things. But this will only possible when you destroying it. If you doesn’t have dare to do this then Give it away yourself so much that you don’t reach it.

By doing this your heart will stop you a lot but do it because it is right for you.

5. Set your goal

The goal always indicates the future and the people who work to make the future golden they cannot time for think of past Memories.

It is true that the experience of past is needed to overcome the future stages but like a good teacher not like a punisher.

Bad Memories? 8 Ways to Removed It.

When you set a goal in your life so it’s path is only going forward and you just keep moving forward on it. When you cross one goal then give yourself another goal Which will not give you free time to look back.

6. Change yourself

Whenever you go in front of mirror then In reflection you should not see your past. Try to change yourself in a positive way. Make yourself smarter than ever and Improve your body language.

Change your Lifestyle at that Level, if your friend from school time meet you today then he wouldn’t able to recognise you.

Take yourself to on level from where everyone inspired from you. Do not be left Behind in the race of the world. Stay with everyone in this race or lead the race.

7. If you want to Forget Your Bad Memories then Don't run away from responsibility.

Every human has his own responsibility and he must be fulfil it. Responsibility do not allow time to do unreasonable work or nor allow useless thought that come in mind.

If you are Parent then you have responsible for your child, If you are children then you have responsible for parents, If you are teacher then you have responsible for student and If you are student then you have responsible for study.

In the same way every individual has his or her own responsibility fixed.

The person who runs away from responsibility never get respected by any. Responsibility give you hope to live, that is why don’t run away from it.

(8) If you want to Forget Your Bad Memories then Don't cuase yourself for something.

To hurt yourself for something is the greatest foolishness. If you have done something wrong and you keep thinking about it, this is not right.

Nothing is right or wrong, everything is determinated by your thinking.

Do not blame yourself for anything, but try to never repeat it. Because mistake happens once. If the same mistake is repeated again in again, it become crime.

Because “Forgiveness is for mistake and Punishment is for crime“.