Being alone is better | 10 people behind this thinking.

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“Being alone is better because we don’t want to be Sad”.- ONn

Now we must know what are those things that make us sad ? There are many such things there which we get from others in a short span of time. In some of which make us sad to that extent that is where we start getting irritated by others.

If you don’t want to do with you this, then you have to stay away from those people who feels you sad. Being alone is better than be sad.

Here I tell about some people, It is better to be alone By being with them.

1. People who make fun of the weaker than themselves.

God has made every human being physically equal. But all is not so lucky. In some have flaws, which even after wishing they cannot overcome it.

It is written in Hindu scripters that to make fun of such people is enormity Sins.

But some people take great pleasure in making fun of them.

Stay away from people who Involve you in their sins. with these people being alone is better.

2. People who let other down to show themselves good.

Around you there are lots of people who take pleasure with providing  them self good by degrading others.

And we encourage such people because we are with them. That is why it being alone is better with them.

3. People who describe the work done by others as their hard work.

Some people get great pleasure in showing others what they have done. They thinks that by doing, they will be able to surpass others. But my friends, it doesn’t happen.

The person who has done the work will be entitled to the work, No one else.

If you live with such people, It will be considered that you are just like them. That why it Being alone is better.

4. People who not get tired of telling about lies to others.

There are very few people in the world those who think well about others. And by living with such a people, you will feel positive energies.

But on other side, There are such people who has very bad thinking for others.

These people take all their time to see the mistakes of others As if he has no other job.

The thoughts of such people are wrong but the thoughts of those who live with them are also the same. That why it being alone is better.

5. People who see negativity even in positive things.

People who look at everything in a negative way are fools. Such people can not move on at any time in their lives.

About such people we can say that they have mastery in negativity. Because they have  level of extraordinary negative energies that you can’t even imagine.

People with negative thinking also make others negative, That why being alone is better.

6.  People who have a one-sided mentality.

Some people have narrow mind And because of which they are able to think only one side of any.They never see both sides of the coin.

If you put something right in front of them, they will start arguing with you to prove you are wrong.

Asking them anything as if you have committed a crime will feel you like this. That why being alone is better.

7. People who think of you as low class.

Friendship is such a relationship, there should not be any kind of  discrimination in it.

But In any a situation someone think of you as a low class and treat you this way then being alone is better.

8.  People who think you are stupid.

“Every human being is special in itself”.

That is why it is foolish to think of someone as foolish.

If anyone’s thinking is like that then being alone is better.

9.  People who boast of their personality.

Ability always gives you sense and a person who is in intelligent can never boast.

The arrogant person’s thinking ability is impaired and later on that same boast cause his destruction.

“Boast of any person cause his destruction”.- ONn

Being alone is better | 10 people behind this thinking.

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