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What is the best in you which makes you different from others To change your personality more attractive?

You come out among people only when you get something different from them.

Now decide what is in your personality that you can change very easily. you don’t know, but you can get perfection to improving it by knowing it.

Here, I would like to talk about some improvements that you will be able to make in your life better than others and make your flow clear.

Tips No.1 To Change your Personality More attractive

Is physically fit

I not say that you should be a bodybuilder. But your stomach should not be out. It means you have to fit body. It is necessary to regularly take time for exercise.

Exercise does not mean gym or workout machinery. To stay fit, you can run, you can do some pull-ups, you can play any outdoor game. Or you can do something else that will keep you fit physically, but you have to do it every day.

Maybe if you have a busy schedule working day then Workout will have to be done the next day without any laziness, if you don’t do it then you can never be fit.

Tips No.2 To Change your Personality More attractive

Your HairStyle and face

If you go somewhere, you will do something or not but you will definitely wash your face and you will get outside after doing your hair properly.

This is what normal people do. But if you want to look better than others, then you should pay attention to your face and hairstyle.

For this, it is important that you take special care of your face and hair.

For the face, you should do facials once a month, for this you will get a lot of products online and Cosmetics shops. In which the user manual has given, you will be able to use them on your face from home.

People are not paying attention to their hair but actually, hair plays a very important role in your personality development.

You should set your hair according to your profession rather than looking at your friends and copying it because everything does not suit everyone.

We have to look different from others but it should not be in a negative way.

Tips No.3 To Change your Personality More attractive

choose occasionally clothes and footwear

According to the occasionals, you should choose your clothes and for that maintain the stock of clothes.

If there is your friend’s marriage and you don’t have any proper clothes for this kind of occasion then don’t ask your friend to give their clothes.

It is not wrong to ask for anything from friends, it is your right, but there can be a difference between their fitting and your fitting, And that doesn’t represent your personality in a good way.

At a wedding, office, Party, Pikinic or at home on such different occasions, you should choose the right clothes to wear, It will create a positive effect on your personality.

Along with clothes, you should also pay attention to your footwear.

In this way with jeans and shirts, you can use normal sport shoes, formal wear with formal party shoes and Nightwear with slippers.

Take care of such small things when you have to impress someone special.

Tips No.4 To Change your Personality More attractive

Body Fragrance

If you do not take a bath then it does not matter but you are smelling bad, it can be a matter of discomfort. In this, Bathing was a joke but it is important to be fragranced.

After bathing, you should definitely use the light-smelling body spray of your choice. If you have a problem with body allergies, then you can also use cloth perfume.

The best way to find perfume is to ask your female friend or your sister. Girls are known more than boys in this matter.

You have get their choice only and not to use their fragrances. LOL

Tips No.5 To Change your Personality More attractive

Wrist Watch

A watch makes you look good and keeps you informed of the time.

You will see around you that most of the people who successful are wear the watch.

Wearing a watch means that you valued of time and time gives everything to the person who values ​​it.

How to change your personality to be more attractive
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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