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The Amazing Facts of Human Body

Today’s time, it is importan to increase oxygen level to keep yourself healthy and fit.

I want to give some advice about how you can make your body healthy and fit at home. The most important for your body is the oxygen by which you are living.

For this, first of all you have to fulfill your physical and mentaly helth to get healthy and fit body.

Here I give some tips to increase oxygen level at home. Because your house is one type of body charger in which you spend the most time of your life.

Tip 1. to increase oxygen level at home

Grow more plant

You can use trees and plants to increase the amount of oxygen in your house. You must know that due to the presence of trees and plants, the amount of oxygen in the environment increases.

That’s why you have to grow trees and plants to increase the oxygen around you.

Such as Peepal tree, Banyan tree, Neem tree, Ashoka tree, and berries. In these trees higher amount of oxygen is available.

Apart from this, you can grow many plants in your room or inside the house, which will increase the level of oxygen in your house.

There are so many plants that can increase the oxygen inside your home. In some of them like money plants, snake plants, spider plants, and many other types of indoor plants.

And by using them you can increase the level of oxygen in your house very easily and also they give your house a beautiful look.

Tip 2. to increase oxygen level at home

Arrange air movement

You should make such kind of arrangement in your house so that air can flow very well. by doing this you will get oxygen naturally.

Always remember that the windows of your house must be kept open. If you can’t keep the window open, then arrange something else for the air circulation.

By doing this, the atmosphere of your house becomes good and you will never feel suffocated and the oxygen level in your house also increases.

Tip 3. to increase oxygen level at home

get up early in the morning

After getting up early in the morning, you can walk in the courtyard or roof of your house, or take a deep breath while sitting comfortably so that you can get the fresh air of the morning.

If you can do much more then make a rule to do any yoga or exercise which you like or you can do it easily.

By doing this, oxygen will reach your body and mind properly. When you doing this every day, you will never get breathing or any health-related problems.

Tip 4. to increase oxygen level at home

Be active

You always try to keep yourself active, for this, you can do anything you like, in which you are interested. If you feel good to do some work. So you definitely do that work too.

If you are doing nothing your all day. You just sleep after eating and don’t do any other activity, then it will have a very bad effect on your body and you become a lazy person.

Due to which you will get many diseases. You will always be weak if you’re sick and you will not do any work well.

So eat healthy and be healthy physically and also be busy.

Tip 5. to increase oxygen level at home

keep yourself hydrated

How important is water for our body you must know that. The circulation of blood in all the organs of our body is only possible by water in our body have.

The heart must have plenty of oxygen for a continuous heartbeat and water is the most important thing for it.

You all must know that two-thirds of our body weight is water. we are not taking it seriously and after that, we start feeling weak.

So you should always drink water and keep yourselves hydrated. Due to this you can avoid many diseases.

Drinking water helps to increase the amount of oxygen in your body.

Tip 6. to increase oxygen level at home

increase oxygen level in blood

As you all know that oxygen reaches all the parts of your body only through the blood, all the organs of the body can function properly for that.

It is very important to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Due to the decrease, there is a bad effect on the development of body parts.

For this, you have to put some habits such as use fruits in your diet. You use mango, lemon, Watermelon, Papaya in your diet, these fruits are very beneficial for our kidneys.

This fruit rich in vitamin C which increases the oxygen in your blood.

In addition, sprouted grains and raisins, dates, ginger, and carrots are the most suitable foods to increase oxygen.

If the amount of oxygen is less than 90%, there is a bad effect on your body part. Therefore, you must use such things in your diet, so that your body gets sufficient oxygen.

And by following such a diet, the of oxygen increases in your blood so that you are always healthy and you do not have any diseases.

Tip 7. to increase oxygen level at home

increase oxygen level while sleeping

In order to keep oxygen levels right, the position should be changed after every 2 hours at bedtime or in any other position, so that oxygen will reach everywhere in your body.

If oxygen is not reached correctly in your body, then you may have some diseases. To avoid this, then it is necessary to keep turn every 2 hours while sleeping.

You should know that it is very important to give your body rest if you do not give rest to your body, then there is no energy in your body. Therefore, you need to sleep to relax the body.

Sleep gives your body a rest, but it should also be kept in mind that we should get 8 hours of sleep out of 24 hours. Sometimes if you less sleep, you can sleep more for recovery but there should not be too much.

Good sleep is very important for good health.

When you do not sleep properly, you suffer from many diseases. To avoid this you should sleep on time and wake up from time to time.

how to increase oxygen level
Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

There should be no lack of blood in the body of any person. Similarly, in blood with antibacterial ability, a good amount of oxygen is needed.

You should definitely include nutritious things in your diet and include copper iron vitamins in your diet in such a situation. These nutrients help increase oxygen levels in the blood.

These super healthy fruits are also helpful in removing oxygen deficiency.

No.1 banana

Bananas have fiber properties that are beneficial for health and have a higher alkaline water content, which increases oxygen levels.

It has also lots of other benefits which are giving below,

  • Banana has high fiber and many types of nutrients found in it, which is very beneficial for the human body. Banana is reducing weight because banana contains fiber.
  • Feels full and due to which we do not feel hungry quickly, our body does not get extra calves, which reduces our weight, consuming it every day reduces sugar cravings and promotes obesity.
  • If there is swelling in our body after doing some work or after doing a heavy workout, then eating a banana also helps in reducing inflammation.
  • People who work out must consume bananas before a workout because it gives them energy. Eating a banana during a workout can lead to longer workouts because the carbs in bananas help speed up the ability of muscles to use protein.
  • It helps in building muscles and reduces fat which makes us fit, muscles are formed in our body and fat decreases due to which we become fit.

Number 2. Kiwi

Kiwi contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which delivers oxygen to the blood cells and fulfills anemia.

It is brown in color from above and green from inside and there are small black seeds inside it. It has also lots of other benefits which are giving below,

  • Kiwis contain vitamin C and antioxidants, which protect you from many infections, help heal internal wounds and also reduce inflammation.
  • Apart from being delicious to eat, it is also beneficial in fighting dangerous diseases like dengue.
  • Its regular consumption makes the body healthy and slim and it also strengthens the immunities which protect the body from the attack of bacteria and viruses.

Number 3. lemon

Vitamin C is found in lemons. Which is capable of protecting against many diseases and also increases the amount of oxygen in the body.

In summer everyone likes to drink lemonade and for that they want lemon. For that You can grow A lemon tree in the house, it grows very easily. Once a lemon tree is planted, it gives lemon throughout the year.

Lemon must have been used by everyone, adding lemon enhances the taste of food that takes in the diet. It has also lots of other benefits which are giving below,

  • People use lemon to reduce weight, due to vitamin C, which is anti-urgent, and immunity. It also provides enhancing properties.
  • There would hardly be a person who would not have had lemonade. Lemon water does not cause indigestion and stomach-related diseases in the body, it fulfills the lack of water in the body.

Number 4. Apple

  • By eating apples, hemoglobin is made in the body and it increases your oxygen level.
  • Apple is beneficial in diseases like anemia.

Number 5. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain minerals potassium and magnesium which increases the amount of oxygen.

You can grow sweet potatoes very easily at home. If you have a small garden or any vacant land in your house, then you can definitely grow in it. It is very simple to grow, they do not even have to take much care.

Sweet potatoes are of many colors. White, violet, orange – all This type of sweet potato contains minerals and antioxidants. It has also lots of other benefits which are giving below,

  • Vitamin A and vitamin C are found in sweet potato, which gives more nutritious than ordinary potato, eating sweet potato in winter gives many benefits.
  • It contains fiber, which reduces bad cholesterol in the body, proves very useful for those with high blood pressure.
  • Besides contains fiber in sweet potato, it fulfills iron deficiency.

Number 6. Mango

Blood is produced in our body in excess by eating mangoes. Can overcome the deficiency of hemoglobin. Mango contains Aryan and many other types of nutrients.

  • As good as it looks and eats mangoes, its benefits are as much, That is why it is called the king of fruits.
  • Indian mango is famous all over the world for its taste. There are many types of mangoes found in India, out of which 12 are the main ones.
  • To avoid heatstroke in summer, mango water is very beneficial.

Number 7. grapes

  • Vitamin C and Aryan are found in grapes. It helps in curing diseases related to hemoglobin deficiency.
  • It is also beneficial for the stomach.

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