Habits for Success | Which will change Your Lifestyle.

Here are 7 Habits For Success Which change your life spell and Your Living of Lifestyle.

Whenever we ask someone, how is life going ? and the most answer is ! It just going one day after another. That means in life there is nothing to remember nothing to new. Because in all days our routine work are same. Whether she or he ‘until you never get change in your life, till your days goes one after another. And in the end of life the day will come when you ask yourself that, ‘what have you done for yourself and the answer will come from inside that are all excuses. Like I have my house, my car and property. Let me explain why it all are excuses.

When you are at the end of life and you know that you have a few months or a year to live. At that time, take some time for yourself. Remember your past, how was it and how do you live. What was your real achievements that makes you happy today and You will see In the whole life, there are just a few moments that you live for yourself. Here you should have a question to yourself, when you had your whole life, why only a few moments from it? But you don’t have the answer because what we didn’t see around, whenever we know what answer is.

Let’s get it with example. The invention of Airplane has been done many years ago but today if I ask you to make aeroplane then usually you didn’t know how can you make it because of this is not your criteria you have no idea for this but if you are learn for it, work for it and surrounding environment should be then everything becomes easy for you nothing to new. Like that life has also want learnt, work and environment.

Now the thing is what to do? So that I find some topic for it and I wish this will be beneficial for you. I start with school days and then go ahead…

Be always confident1st Habits for Success

If you are Parent then try to make your child confident. Always brief them like he is superior and he done everything which he wants. Some parents give a lot of care and pamper to child but too much is always harmful.

When child learn to walk and in attempt to walk he fails, at the time let him get up by himself. If he wants to eat food by himself, so let him eat. If he should  dress-up by himself, so let him wear it. You just observe him and try to teach them to become a self made person and those small things are bring great changes in their life.

Make a wide aria for friends2nd Habits for Success

friend circle always give us comfort zone. But people lived around us sometime they feel uncomfortable or irritated by their attitude or behaviour and behind all of these our thinking matters.

When we spend some time with any then we make connection, we make friends. But when we never allow them in our life then there is trouble between them in communication and also relation. It is not that we would be friend with bad peoples but this is, why we not acquaintance with them.

What is a Habit Which change Your life spells?

In Hindi there is idiom for this “No matter how dirty the water is even if it don’t drink but it can put out the fire well” so make a big circle of known person because ‘Every person has some qualities that make you learn something’.

Take a part of every events3rd Habits for Success

Weather it is stage performances in a school or different circumstances of life, never run away from it because whenever we become a part of something it will be learn a lot and learnt think always works.

Every events is like new opportunity and it is said that the opportunity should not be let go by hand because if it gone, you may never get a second chance for that particular opportunity. So try to participate as much as possible and it brings your better future.

Never assume too much4th Habits for Success

Assume means thinking about something first, it also means too much thinking before talk. Assume about something is not reality but it just your thoughts of mind. Sometime it help you to do better result but it is not work in every phase of life.

Here it is depend on your thinking. If you are positive thinking person then it will be all good for you but if you are negative mind then stop assuming now. Too much assuming and too much thinking makes you Limited and we all are born with limitless mind power. So never make boundary over your mind and be always unlimited.

Don’t afraid 5th Habits for Success

In my school days I have a too much stage fright (social phobia). Whenever teacher ask me to read book at the time I look like a duffer, because of I think that all the children’s sitting around me are better than me and this thinking is big mistake of mine.

In every stage of life whether you are a child or a responsible person. If you consider yourself less than other from that time your learning Interest will start decreasing and it will go down and down. But don’t let that happen with you.

Always remind that nobody is more capable than you. They are either as capable as you or less than you and that is reality. If you accept this philosophy of life you win your life.

Do some different 6th Habits for Success

If your all days have same routine, then do something new in a day. Because if you eat same food every day then after sometime you will hate it and just like that you also will be disappointed with this kind of life.

In life , You have a lot of things to learn, so go ahead and start with important thing. For example, you don’t know to driving then learn to drive. You don’t know how to swim then learn it, You want to dance but you don’t know how to dance then go to dance class and learn there. You like to watching people who playing guitar and you also want to play like them then go and learn.
Don’t miss any adventure tour. Go for forest camping, mountain climbing, paragliding, Bungee jumping, etc. These all things will give you new experience and remember one thing the fun of doing these with your loved ones is amazing. You also want to improve your knowledge with in world what happened. So that you update with present and you are knowledgeable in all about these.

Make yourself immortal7th Habits for Success

live your life like people remember even after your death. The people who are selfish and never think about society, they forget after them death and Only their brownness remains. There are lots of ways to do, so that you become immortal even if you are live or not.

When I was a student, my school name was “BAI MAMI BAI BHANJI JADAVJI” and it was not a name of the chairperson of the school but they were chairman’s late parents and because he wanted to keep them name immortal, he built schools in his name. Yet the school is working from last 30 years and will work even further. As long as the school stays, his name will be taken for good work.

In the world, here is no dearth of such kind work. We just need to change our thinking from which we inspires for do good work.

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