Five People | Stay Away From them.

Few people pertain Themselves as cool and practical by their attitude and habits in front of others and for that They do some things which all going in wrong way. They think that they are right, but they are not. smoking, drinking, anger, selfishness are their personality. These is not good for society and also for themselves.
When you meet this kind of person whether they are your friends, family members, colleagues then try to convince them to come out from this. But still they stick with their bad habits then never force them. But now you should keep distance from them. Because we never know what the reflection of this person on your life. Who knows one day we are also one of them.

1.Stay Away from  Negative thinking People.

A person who have a negative mind will not happy in any situation. because he not able to see good phases of life.

when you meet this kind of person they not look like aggressive but their way of thinking was negative and if you are with them then it also affects your mind. when you ask them for some suggestion or opinions then they not give a right one but they gives you negative excuses and thought which are block your mind to act, infect it rush your whole day. also when we spend some time with them they feel us so irritated and our mind is not allowed that.

we people have already Lot’s of problem and tension and as such the time somebody else bothers us then what to do. So try keep distance from them. Nobody sure about future so never give advice’s. Because advice is not worth for any.

2. Stay Away From Alcoholic People.

There is question that Why the people going for this things?

so we divide the Life in Three stages and explain that why people go for this. first stage is Teen age then Middle age and last is Old age.

  • In the early days it did not do any kind of physical harm but in long time it should be. At a young age it start with show off in Friends and then it going on & on. They never know that it just take a quick start and within a few months they feel that they never live without it and it takes the golden time of life.Teen age is the days of achievement. So make it beautiful and memorable because after that you should be responsible person who have to handle his responsibilities.

If you West your present in alcohol/drugs/smoke then you will be lost your future. You lost you money and your status too. it’s fully disturb your and also your family life.

  • In the age of middle people has so many responsibility that’s way they never give time to themselves. Sometime they feel stressed and frustrated by their routing life and that time, they act some kind of thing for forget all of this and they start drinking.

Person who have no family support, they get tiered in this stage of age because In old age most of time they wish to spend with their family and make most memorable moment But if they never got this kind of environment then they wont to feel relax and they start drinking.

all of this there is only one reason behind this and it is your environment of living. In teen or a middle or a old age if you have family support then all things getting right . Family is a power of human. So whether your are son or father take care your family. Don’t leave them without your support.

3. Stay Away From Selfish People

A selfish person is always think about himself. He doesn’t care of others feeling. They don’t matter if People should go to hell for doing their work.

That’s why a selfish person can never become a true friend. They can never show a true way to any Because in all situations they only think for themselves.

This type of behaviour heart many persons So that nobody like them. In many movements of life such a people like these while they has a lot of money, they still feels alone.

4. Stay Away from A flattery person

A person with flattery nature can never be trusted. They do only the work which beneficial for them. This people will never support you in your worst time. But yes if you get used to for them then they will help you.

This people have not self-respect. They carried dual personality which are totally different from each other. If you tell them anything, they will misuse it. They doesn’t stick with their own words what they tell.

This people get everything in life but not respect and dignity and if you live with this person, your impression on people will be the same.

5. Stay Away From Criminal Mindset person

People with Criminal Mindset came from childhood where they have seen or suffered anything. Many criminals have a mentality that they like to commit crimes.

But how to identify these people is a big problem for common person, because in appearance they are similar to ours but their act to doing work is wrong. That is why it is said to think hundred times before trusting strangers.

In large-scale crimes, this is the way criminals behave and ordinary people can be trapped by trusting them. That is why believing is only on a Believer.