Don’t prove yourself everywhere | 9 Reason behind this.

Don't prove yourself everywhere | 9 Reason behind this.

Don’t prove yourself everywhere because “You are GOOD enough, CLEVER enough, FINE enough, and POWERFUL enough.  You don’t need other people to certify you; you are already PRECIOUS” – ONn

From childhood we are running for competition and comparison. Wherever we see People are running towards comparing them superior to others.

In school there is competition among students, in house there is comparison between brothers and sisters like he studies well and you are dull in studies she  Paints nice, and you don’t know anything.

Because of this we cannot see the world without comparing and competing. For example you have a small car but in neighbour you see big car than you start comparing that I doesn’t have same and the desire for it increases. At that time you won’t see your condition but you try to prove yourself that I can buy anything. but this all things are wrong you don’t have to prove everywhere.

Here are some reasons for not proving yourself everywhere

1st reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – You cannot fulfil the wishes of everyone.

Wishes are unlimited. every person you meet has different wishes from you so it does not mean that you can fulfil all the wishes of them. world is materialistic. the person whose wishes we can fulfil is the person who we were yesterday. Prove yourself to yourself not to others.

Don’t change yourself for others, the person who really loves you will stay with you forever without comparing you. Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who doesn’t value you. Know your worth even if they don’t.

2nd reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Life is not to compete with everyone, that's why you don't have to prove everywhere.

Everyone is running behind competition to stand first in a race of life. but the truth is that, the real happiness you get in journey towards race of life and not by achieving at the top level in race of life.

We have to listen to our soul and not to soul of others around us. let go all the foolish people from which you are surrounded and as a result you get negativity.

3rd reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Societies opinion are worthless.

I stopped explaining myself when I realised that people only understand from their level of perception. Society always try to measure yourself with what you have (money) instead of what you are (happy soul) go and run for the activities.

That will make you come alive without being afraid of what society will say. Go for that things that have greater value than money.

“Don’t prove yourself anywhere, you were best yesterday, you are best today and you will be best tomorrow.”

4th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – every try to make happy is worthless at last.

However every time you try to prove everyone, Please everyone at last for them you will be worthless.

Once you make mistake then if you try thousands of time to rectify your mistakes, but in the eyes of that person you will be the same kind of person. So you don’t have to prove every time to everyone everywhere.

Sometimes in relationship too there comes a time to give proofs, if after giving proof your relation be as it was before then its good but if every time you have to give proof then say no. Every time its not only yours mistake so you don’t have to prove anything kindly walk away from there life for sometime and let them make realise.

5th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – speak truth, be confident.

Truthfulness remove fear from the heart, it make a person courageous and confident. If you are confident with your work and speech then you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

“Be you the world will adjust itself.” 

you are what you do not what you say you will do. If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

6th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Right to define Joy on your own terms.

You have right to choose your own happiness and not on the base of other others happiness.

when you run into someone who discredits you irrespect you and treat you badly for no reason, don’t change yourself for them. just keep sweet smile on your face and walk away. Let the KARMA deal with the things they say and do.

7th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Way of life.

Your life is worth in our hands and not in hands of others. The way you live your life will benefit you only and not others.

That means You don’t have to prove anywhere about your standards. You only have to create and use it by your own.

8th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Standard of Living.

Standard of living is based on your financial position. You are not supposed to copy the life which you cannot afford.

You don’t gave to prove the society that you can be on the same standard that they are living. You live your own life and not life of society. You can’t compare your living habits with other living in society.

You don’t have to prove them that you are also on the same position, you can too buy things and luxurious items for show off,etc.

9th reason for Don’t prove yourself everywhere – Failure is a part of success.

Screwing up is a part of success. You cant achieve success without having failure in your life.

You don’t have to be always right, sometimes being wrong is to necessary to see how success comes to you. After seeing failure only you can achieve a meaningful success. If you fail then don’t be upset accept it and move on.

Mistakes are a part of life. A person can only succeed if he or she learns from the same mistakes.

If you try to please everyone, impress everyone then you will be stunt in your own growth. You will not be able to remain happy in pleasing everyone. You will loose your happiness, your excitement, your joyfulness in Pleasing the whole world.

If you will be happy inside then the worlds opinion will not affect you anyhow.

“Don’t prove yourself everywhere … sometimes trying to prove it makes you insult” – ONn

Don't prove yourself everywhere | 9 Reason behind this.

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