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Here is a beautiful question is that what is love feeling and The most beautiful answer is that, “Love is a feeling Which is not from the mind but from the depth of the heart, love is made with many feelings, in which different thoughts are involved!”

Love slowly progresses from seeing someone to the feeling of never leaving. It’s a strong attraction and a sense of personal connection that drives her to forget everything and go along with loved ones.

love feeling gives a dare to fight anyone who comes between you and your love.


For example, the expression of affection towards oneself or towards any living being, or towards a human being or for something you like a most is called love.

True love is the one who is with you in all situations, supports you in sorrow, and considers your happiness as his/her/its happiness.


Love definitely changes a person in all aspects, love does not only mean that we are always together but love should not end even if we are away from each other. Love definitely changes a person in all aspects, love does not only mean that we are always with but love should not end even if we are away from each other.

In which no matter how far away, the feeling always should be closer. There are very few people who truly love someone. But In love matter, the ideal is RadhaKrishna whose love knew no bounds. The world worships their love today and People always remember such love for life.

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The word “love” is a word whose name makes us feel good, the word love is that feeling which we never want to lose.


There is such positive energy in this world that gives us mental and inner happiness and Sometimes it also gives us incredible pain in which has no Medicine for relief.

Usually, there are four types of love in which…

1st Kinship Love with blood relation ~ mather, father, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, etc.

2nd Friendship No blood relation Even then some connections like being a family.

3rd Romantic Desire – he and she attract each other strongly with mantel and physical.

4th Divine Love – The love of God is the only true love that never gives you pain but definitely gives you a lot of happiness.

Love is often connected with lust, but it will not be right to weigh it in this way every time because even Radhakrishna did love but that love is immortal now. Today Radha Krishna is worshiped together.

Between two friends, father-son, brother-brother, mother-son, brother-sister In every relation everywhere love is then why is the love of a man and a woman wrong?

Generally love is a feeling that a person feels towards another human being. Then it doesn’t make any sense of right or wrong. But I would like to make one thing clear that there should be absolutely no vulgarity in love.

“Love is a feeling through which the heart becomes the gardener to get the fragrance of its flower.”


Love gives you wings to fly. You can fly with the wings of love and go up and see the depths of love.


Love is not meant that only yours, but it gives a feeling of trust and independence to do everything that they want to do.

In this article, I would like to make you aware of some aspects of love, because the love of the 21st century happens in such a way and sometimes it also ends.

In the Love, There are seven stages between a man and a woman and there are also seven stages of love getting end.

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Seven Steps to the Beginning of Love

The First Attraction for him or her.
Second Thoughts come to your mind about his or her.
Third – Desire to meet him or her.
Fourth – Trying to meet and talk.
Fifth – Desire to be together with.
Sixth – Express yourself to each other
Seventh – Wish to live life together and finally to become a life partner.

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Seven steps to end love

First – Dislike each other’s thoughts and actions.
Second – Quarrel on small things.
Third – Hatred for each other.
Fourth – Mentally and physically distant from each other.
Fifth – Thinking to end the relationship.
Sixth – Wish for separation.
Seventh – Separation.

This article was about what feelings are in love, but I have also understood some aspects of it as necessary and if I have said anything wrong, forgive me.

Relationships that break easily are not meant for each other, so you should keep moving forward.

Lastly, I would like to say one thing that all relationships cannot be separated because their soul is one, which is one from within, they cannot be separated from outside.

what is love feeling
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