Awareness Of Self – To Win the Fight Against Corona Virus.

People will have to bring Awareness Of Self Because Today Corona Virus (Covid-19) is spread out as an epidemic in the world. All the Doctors and Scientist of the world are engaged in discovery of its medicine so that this epidemic can be stopped.

No medicine has been made for this Viral Disease that is why people will have to bring Awareness Of Self is most important.

Here are some Topics given below that if we follow it strictly, we can fight this Viral Disease.

1. Awareness of self For

Maintain Social Distance.

Until medicine are made for this disease, the impervious wall to survive from this Viral Disease is Only Social Distancing.

Please stay wherever you are. If you are at home with your family then stay there, But if you are somewhere far away from your family so stay at the place where you are. Because if you are infected with this virus and you went to your house then it will be possible that you may put your family’s life in danger. If you love your family, don’t do this silly mistake.

2. Awareness of self For

Washing your Hand frequently.

Whenever you touch a thing where a virus can occur (this virus lived in place where infected person with Covid-19 came to direct contact), then keep  your hands clean with soap or sanitise frequently.

This places can be any one, so pay attention before touching something.

3. Awareness of self For

Cover your Mouth with Mask.

If you are using a Mask with proper way then it is worth, otherwise it would be infect you and others also.

When you put Mask on your face once, never touch mouth area by hand. Because if you touch your mask with hand then maybe possible you infect your mask by infected hands.

Mask which you used ones, destroy it safely. Do not throw it anywhere. If you want to reuse your Mask then wash it with warm water or detergent powder.

Never give your used Mask to others and also don’t use others.

4. Awareness of self is for

Don’t touch your Mouth and Eyes.

Some people have bad habit to touching their mouth, nose and eyes repeatedly. 

Please remember this thing that this virus is enter in your body via Mouth Nose and Eyes. 

So avoid to touching Mouth, Nose and Eyes.

5. Awareness of self to

Maintain Safe Distance.

If you have some necessary work and you go outside for fulfil it, Maintain Distance at least 6 feet from others.

If someone infected around you and you are on safe Distance from him then he can’t infect you by his sneeze or cough.

That’s why Maintain at least 6 to 7 fit Distance from any.

6. Awareness of self to

Avoid Public Places.

Public places like Bank, ATM, Market at where people gathering a lot. Please avoid to go there.

If very necessary then strictly following safety parameter.

When you came to home from outside, take a bath and wash your cloth with detergent powder properly then enter in house.

7. Awareness of self to

Take Hot Liquid Frequently.

Hot liquid are a little bit an advantage factor to give fight these virus, that is why you kept on taking it from time to time.

(Hot liquid like Tea, coffee, hot water extra. You can also prepare and drink basil (Tulsi) decoction.)

8. Awareness of self is to

Take Care your Elderly Family Members.

Covid-19 is more effective to Elderly person, because of less immunity power. The more immunity power you have, the more you will be able to fight this virus. that’s why Give them those food which will increase their immunity power.

Take care of them at home, Never let them go out side.

9. Awareness of self to

Avoid Rumours.

In this time, Rumours are more dangerous than virus. Because it spread very quickly and most of the people understand this to be right.

Rumours is such a thing that one sat in your mind, then it is difficult to remove.

Most of things which is on social media are Rumours, that’s why please don’t go with Rumours.

10. Awareness of self to

Follow Government Guidelines.

Government guidance is most trusted, that’s why you should be follow it strictly.

Do not obstruct administration work Ever. cooperate to medical staff and police staff.

I have shared some things with you, which Awareness of Self to secure life of yours and your family and also you can stop this virus to spreading in your Country.
You have to protect yourself and your family only from the virus And with this effort your country will be safe on its own.

“Stay Home, Stay Safe”

Awareness Of Self - To Win the Fight Against Corona Virus.