11 Morning Mantra For how to get Peace of Mind.

7 Morning Mantra For how to get peaceful mind

how to get peace of mind ? is the biggest question In today’s time. Because
we all stood in long queues to earn money. Whether we are happy or sad, just keep making Money and this is the truth of life.

In some extent money is also important but with this, you also wanted to live your life with peace and harmony.

Here are 7 things For how to get peaceful mind

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.1 – Open your eyes in warm hand.

when you wack-up never open your eyes. First do one thing, just rub your hand with each for a second and when you feel they are worm Put it on eyes and hold on for a moments. Now slowly open your eyes and see your both hand.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.2 – Thank GOD for A Day

Our hands are like a single tool of life, we do all thing by them. So rise your eyes ,see your hands and PRAY by this SPIRITUAL SHLOKA in your mind.

“KARAAGRE VASATE LAKASMIH (see top of the hand palm) KARMUULE SARASVATI (see bottom of the hand palm) |

KARAMADHYE TU GOVINDAH (see center of the hand palm) PRABHAATE KARADARSHANAM(make punch,put on your eyes) ||

Let me tall you one thing, we all have different Gods in different religious. But he is ONE, GOD is ONE. Who never made us different. We all are same by Blood,Body and Environment . Yes this is also true that some people suffers from body by family by society But its all are result of them DEEDS, it means what you are now is depending your PAST DEEDS.So GOD is not responsible for this. If you did GOOD you Get very GOOD.

Now the logic is The Sanskrit Shloka is useful to all, GOD never judge by religious. But if you want to pray what in your faith, that is also very good. The point is we pray him for giving another ONE DAY of life. So see your hand and thank him for all what we have.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.3 – Thank to Earth

Holly book ask to greeting our MOM-DAD everyday, Like that we all are child of Earth and she also care us like MOM. When we are hungry she give us food, when we are in thrust she give us water, when we are shiver in cold she give us roof. And what we DO for her…Nothing But you must thank her.

In morning Greet her for Love us when we get up from bad and before putting foot on floor speak this Shloka in mind.

SAMUNDRA VASANE DEVI PARVATA STHANA MANDALE (Hay Goddess Lakshmi Oceans are your cloths, Mountains are your bosom)|

VISHNUPATNI NAMASTUBHYAM PAADA SPARSHAM KSHAMASYA ME (Other half of lord of Vishnu I bow my head MAA (Mother) forgive me for touch of my feet)||

In the last, By any Means there is most Important to Thank God .

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.4 – Drink 2-3 glass of Water.

When we wack up after sleeping hole night, our body needs boost and Water is good starter for It. Our Grand Father and also his Grand Father use PITAl(Brass) vessel because they know about benefits of the combination brass and water. Below I give some benefits of It.

  • it repair digestive System
  • Reduce Weight
  • Quick repair cut & wounds
  • Improve Cardiovascular System and Hypertension
  • Resistance for Cancer (Improve Immunity for it) and lots of benefits.

So take a proper vessel, store water in it at night and drink it every Morning. After few week see the positive effects in your body.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.5 – Take a Big Breathe with Peaceful Smile.

Morning is Symbol of new birth, when the baby born everybody welcome she with has a sweet smile on their face. So rise your hands, keep a sweet smile and speak this Shloka.

VASUDEVA SUTAN DEVAM KANSA CHAANURAMARDANAM (Son of VashuDev, Destroyer of demons like Kansa and Chhanura)|

DEVAKI PARAMAA NANDAM KRUSHNAM VANDE JAGAD GURUM (Most Gracious Mother Devaki, The World GURU Lord Krishna,I greeting you)||

When you Speak this Shloka, stand under the open sky and Speak it Loudly.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.6 – Leave a Bedroom.

Leave a Bedroom means Call Of Nature. Some people have habit of irregular time for latrine. It invite lots Disease and also effects on you life. If you have irregular schedule for this it make you some time in trouble (you know which kind of trouble becomes). So in the morning, First clean your belly. It is not easy in start but when we regular get in life schedule , you can (Improve good habit for Life and it gives you hall day freshness.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.7 – Get Ready to FIT.

If you have lower confidence level, exercise is the best way to build it. Strong body is equal to Strong mind and if if you are mentally strong then everything is yours. For body fitness we never need any Gym equipment. We only need patience and regular exercise schedule. Now let’s start…

  • Wash your face with cool water and get comfortable clothes for exercise.
  • Select route for running

In beginning you feel very tired and you would like to leave it. It is difficult to carry on but there is also a solution. Find circle who are always jogging, Make friendship and go with them. They give you support, comfort and excuse less running schedule. Start with short distance and then stretch it maximum 20 minutes because you are not Marathon player. am I right?

  • 10 set of push-up

10 set push-up and it each have 10 numbers, that means 100 push-up. It sounds too big to hear. Start with three set and then add two set every month and all push-ups be done correctly. If you don’t push-ups in wrong way you get spine, waist and Shoulder injuries and I never wish that.

  • 3 set of sit-up

3 set sit-up and each have 30 numbers, that means 90 sit-up. In beginning start with 15 sit-up in each set and then more 5 numbers add in very month. Maximum 30 numbers in one set then Stop. Do not be in hurry, every step be slow and be confident.

  • 3 set of squats

3 set squats and each set has 12-10-08 number in descending order. That means in first set 12 numbers of squats then take rest, In second set 10 numbers of squats then take rest, In third set 08 numbers of squats and it is done.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.8 – Set mind for a day.

If you have a Grounds sheet then spread it in quiet place and sit on in any position. Now close your eyes and think about how it will be today. Always look at every part of the day in a positive way, In which there is no place for negative thinking. All day come with different challenges so don’t expect anything just think positive part of solution.

If you have some pending work, So make them remainder according to their importance Because the responsible person never leaves his work incomplete.

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.9 – Take a shower & Get ready .

It necessary to take a bath for healthy body, Whenever we meet someone then we don’t want it to be dirty and smelly. This also applied to us. not bathing is a sign of lazy person and we are not.

Some people avoid bathing in a cold due to laziness and “Laziness is the grave of living human”. If it is very cold you can take a bath by taking hot water but you have to take a bath.

Because the water is too cold and bathing is also very important, so this time this idea will give you courage. ” Give challenge the Water “come on, let’s see who has more power” and with this speaking water Ponds on your head, then jump and dance. The thing to see is that, it should not be slippery otherwise ‘dhoom'(the sound of falling on the ground) will sound.

After bath always wear clothes according to day. Always remember these, people respect us according to what we wear. If you are collagen look at the boys around you, who are more impressive than other and try to follow their clothes and gestures. In this way, follow the people who are at the forefront of every field

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.10 – Healthy breakfast time.

It is said that “The morning milk should be eat like a prince” and when we have to take food as a prince it must be very good for health. Keep in mind that the morning meal should be light and it should be much so as not be hungry till noon. I given below some suggestions for morning food.

  • Soaked GRAM and ALMONDS
  • In Fruit – BANANA and APPLE
  • Soaked GRAM water is also considered beneficial for health.
  • hot CHAPATI with JAGGERY

|How to get Peace of Mind|Point No.11 – Go for a Day.

Inside the house, maybe you can do whatever you want but outside the house the real world begins. And what ever is here, you all have to win.
So fight for it, work hard and have it. If you don’t back down from working hard/smart, the result will be in front of you the result. That make your life.

If you want to live your life with liveliness and you don’t want just pass it. Work for it. For making your life, For making your wishes.

11 Morning Mantra For how to get Peace of Mind.
11 Morning Mantra For how to get Peace of Mind.

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