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characteristics of a good person

It is very difficult to identify the Characteristics Of A Good Person in today’s time. Everyone is wearing a mask of goodness.

In some aspects of life, it may be okay to not identify someone’s characteristics, as not all may be so important in your life. But in some aspects, choosing the right person is most important.

Like while choosing your business partner, your love, your life partner, your debtors, your employees.

For all of them, you should have the right approach (point of view) to identify them. Because these are the people who really influence your life.

Here I suggest 15 ideal points that help you to give a vision for identifying a good person.

1st Quality Of A Good Person ~ Never Show Off

If you fall into the trap of appearances (show off), you lose your naturalness and your identity and you have got nothing in return.

Making a pretense to be good in front of others would be harm you sometimes. 

Good people never show off their selves in front of others, Whether it is about property or relationships.

2nd Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Never Lies

  • According to Hindu Puranas, if a lie is told at these 7 places, then there is neither a sin nor a bad thing.
  1. If a lie is told to make your a woman happy, then it is neither a sin nor a bad thing.
  2. Lying without hurting anyone’s feelings during normal laughter is neither a sin nor a bad thing.
  3. If a lie is told to fix marriage or to save the marriage from breaking, then there is neither a sin nor a bad thing.
  4. In order to protect your livelihood, that is, even if you have to tell a lie for the sake of livelihood, then that lie is not condemnable or not bad.
  5. If there is a danger of life, and In order to protect your life have to tell a lie, then that lie is neither a sin nor a bad thing.
  6. It is not a sin to lie for the well-wishes of the cow and the Brahmin.
  7. Lying to save someone from death is neither a sin nor a bad thing, it is not condemnable.

A person who does not lie except in the above circumstances is a good-hearted person.

3rd Quality Of A Good Person ~ Engage in Activities

It is said that “an empty mind is the house of the devil”, it means that a person who simply lives in idleness without doing any work gets millions of wrong thoughts and is only immersed in it. – ONn

The only way to get rid of negative thinking is to keep yourself busy in activities.

A person who keeps himself busy with work is generally a positive thinking personality. This work can be anything mental or physical, You just have to stay active.

4th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Self Respecting

‘Self Respecting’ is a word that awakens our own faith, inspires, and challenges us to move forward towards our duty.

Every human being is born with three debts. In this, The first is paternal debt, the second is social debt and the third is nation debt. We should have self-respect towards these three and not any kind of dissatisfaction or inferiority complex.

I never ever support violence but If someone raises a finger on these three, then you have to face it firmly.

This is called self-respect. Self-respect towards your parents, self-respect towards your society, and self-respect towards your nation. Such self-respect illuminates your conscience.

5th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Respecting to Other

Giving and receiving respect are mostly based on circumstances.

A common way of taking respect is that you give respect to others. But it does not mean that even if the person in front insults you, you should give respect them.

If the person in front gives respect to you, then you must give respect to them. Whether they are in wealth less or more than you, is of higher caste or lower caste than you, you should respect him.

Those who give respect to others are counted among good people. But remember that being too good can be harmful to health.

6th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Learning Attitude

No one can stop a person who is always eager to learn something. – ONn

You must have experienced that sometimes we stop doing some work because we have no experience after that.

But it is not that there is nothing after, a lot of people are doing the same work more than you and someone else is doing more than them.

Then why is this not happening to us and the only reason is we do not have complete information, we have not learned.

The person who maintains his interest in learning keeps on moving forward and others remain limited.

7th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Self-Solving Own Problems

Some people have a habit of imposing their troubles on others. There is a big difference between asking someone for help in times of trouble and imposing your troubles on others.

It’s not wrong to ask someone for help. A good person finds his own way out of his troubles.

8th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Getting Responsible

In life, responsibility teaches everything. A responsible person thinks of his peers before taking a step forward.

Whereas an irresponsible person thinks only of himself.

The person who always says that I am only and no one else, just good for me, whether others live or die for it does not matter.

This person gets mixed in the soil one day and there is no one to remember him well, but a person who thinks well for others stays in a good memory for centuries.

A responsible person understands his responsibilities and gets busy fulfilling them. Neither any question nor any argument, he just gives their 100% effort to them till he dies.

9th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Positive

Facing the challenges of life with a positive attitude is a sign of a Positive Person.

A person who thinks in a positive way focuses only on the bright side of the people and events around him.

This is a Characteristics of a good person.

10th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Never Give Up

These two words, defeat and victory, have been made to control the people.

If it was not, then a person would never stop, he would just keep walking, and keep going till his destination is found.

The person who knows this truth goes on walking to get to his destination and in the end, he achieves it.

11th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Action Louder Than Words

People have a habit of speaking to 100 people before doing anything and finally doing nothing.

And after they will tell the reason for not doing so that people have said no for that. But this thinking is not of the people but it is theirs only.

Whatever we want to hear, that is what we hear. If we have to do something, then we will do it, it does not matter to us what people say.

The right way to do any work is that you do it and people themselves will know that you have done it.

By doing this you will get two big benefits 1. There will be no pressure to work 2. There will be no pressure to fail

12th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Never Argue

Getting into an argument is a sign of stupidity. Because there can be no end to the debate and what is the point of following the path without end.

The wise man discusses because in the discussion it is necessary to have information, which is in the wise man and this is a Characteristics of a good person.

13th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Solutions-Oriented Approach

Thinking about trouble doesn’t solve the problem.

No matter what is the reason for the trouble, it is appropriate to solve it.

Good people think that it is better to work on the prevention of troubles rather than thinking about the consequences of trouble.

14th Characteristics Of A Good Person ~ Never Angry 

It is said that anger is a sign of cowardice.

The eccentric man who does not have control over his mind gets angrier because he does not have the courage and patience to bear the burden of the circumstances.

The main reason for getting angry is maybe personal or social contempt. People who are neglected, despised, and despised are angrier.

By getting angry they want to show society that they also exist, but this is not the right way to show their existence to society.

In anger the person’s ability to understand ends and he gets lost from the eyes of the society which a good person would never want.

15th Quality Of A Good Person ~ Peaceful Attitude

You must have felt many times that peace spreads in the environment with the arrival of one person and negativity with the arrival of someone on the other side.

The main reason this happens is because of the way a person behaves.

Characteristics of a good person include peaceful behavior.

characteristics of a good person
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