The Pain of Love will never STOP | Best ways to deal with it.

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The Pain of Love will never STOP | Love is one of the most beautiful dreams and the worst of nightmare, this is an unwanted Pain that cannot be Stop.

Love is actually quiet pain that is why lovers never realised how much one little thing can hurt each other.

How much you wanted someone to want you, there was nothing you could do to make it happen. Whatever you did for them or you give them or you let them take! it could never be enough. never enough to satisfy them. It will never enough to make them love you.

“Pleasure of Love lasts but a moment, but the pain of love lasts for a lifetime”- ONn

So you should have to find some ways to forget your past, like forgetting your old memories which currently does not let you live.

Here I give You Best ways to deal with it.

1st Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Break the Link that Connects you with your Past.

Forget everything which are linked with the past. Burn out their letters, gifts, photos and all the lovely memories you spend with them.

I know this is very difficult to do, Your heart will Stop you from doing so. But despite this you do it. Because this is the first step to move you forward.

2nd Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Distance Yourself from Social Media.

You have to start removing and forgetting all the contact numbers which you connecting to this person.

If it possible then delete them in your personal Social Media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, whats app and all other social sites where you can see their updates.

3rd Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Be Strong always.

To Stop and forget their Pain of love You have to be strong! Show them that you can do it without them. show them that it is their loss, not yours!!

Remember Don’t do it for them, You only do this for yourself.

“Do not try to get Sympathy of Any, Because you need self-sufficiency Not Sympathy”- ONn

4th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Focus on Yourself only.

Give full time to Yourself / Your Interests like studies, friends, family, and other happy things. Go to the parties with your awesome buddies and have fun!!!

“Do whatever you want to do Man, You get this life with great luck that’s why live it as much as you can” – ONn

5th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Keep Moving Forward.

Your life should must go on! It is not possible that because off special person for your life left you, You will lose hope that everything.

But your life changing thing is your loved ones left you, yet you are happy.

Put a big smile on your face and tell the world you can do it!!

6th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Don't Waiting

By waiting for someone, there is a hope in your mind towards him or her and because of this hope you keep running behind them.

Under this hope you beg the person to change their mind. But remember, Begging for something is only compromise your self-respect from others and you should not compromise with your self-respect.

Person who has to come to you will automatically come.

“Whatever you may be waiting for someone, what is written in destiny will be the same” – ONn

7th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Keep Positive Attitude.

Think always positive and happy thoughts. Never let yourself down with the memories that will melt your heart and cry.

Be happy and keep others happy too. Lest people see you, they wish to get away from you. And if you do then how will you make new friends. Maybe one of the new Friends become your girlfriend or boyfriend.

8th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – You Not Alone.

When you are In love and your love leaves you. At the movement you feel like no one with you. You are alone! these thinking of yours is totally wrong.

You start thinking like you don’t deserve, that’s why you are not lovable.

First of all think about that this only person in your life who loves you and you love him or her, There is no other than them.

OK lets Make a list of those who love us. Start with the lady who give us life Our Mother, Person who take all responsibilities of us Our Father, Our Brother, Sister and our Friend who give us mentally support at all stage of life.

So many People are gonna love you. If you still feel lonely yourself then nothing can happen.

9th Way to STOP the Pain Of Love – Set a goal and start working on it.

In your life priority of the Goal should be first. Give your best to achieve it and the determination of achieving Goal will keep you away from other things.

You have one life and every moment of life is precious. Every interaction and experiences are unique which always teach lessons life.

It is time to heal everything. However a big a wound but it does Heal over a period of time.

Do something so meaningful and satisfying that’s when you think about back on the bitterness, you will feel good for managing it with better path.

The Pain of Love will never STOP | Best ways to deal with it.

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