The Pain of Love | 5 Reasons behind getting Pain in Love.

The Pain of Love | First of all Why does love hurt? I mean it seriously. Love is a movie with in full of roses and sunshine but, for some reason in real life it’s different.

Being in love means being in pain. Maybe it will not all time but certainly some of the time.

Many people are in pain because they are actually being physically or psychically abused by their partner. We aren’t going to talk about that today. We are going to talk about why regularly relationships can be painful.

The Pain of Love

Love itself does not hurt. But some time It’s growth and our ego that hurts. Every gives pain because the old relations is being left behind for the new. 

Such as when a relationship ends we feel hurt, our hopes and dreams have crashed and we feel lost and lonely and After that we wonder what will happen next.

Why can’t life be easy and full of joy?
On some level, these are existential questions but there also some concrete reasons why.

Fortunately, the pain doesn’t need to mark the end of a relationship. Take stock of the things that are causing you pain and take steps to address them.

1.Are you feeling uncertain about your future? 2.Do you wonder about expectations? 3.Do you struggle with the chemical crash or the weight of the baggage that you bring? 4.Do you wonder if this imperfect person is the one for you?

Address these things one at a time and the pain that you feel in your relationship can be managed and reduced.

Love can be wonderful and love can be painful. Make sure that the balance of the two is equal and you can live happily ever after!

You can do it!

What rejections huts you ? Social, Physically or Mentally.

The sadness of your experience after a break up can feel like the worst set of emotions you ever have to deal with in your life, paralleled only by the tragic death of a family member or loved one.

But why exactly do we react so negatively to the loss of a romantic partner?Here I give you some reasons which will probably surprise you.

1st reason for the pain of love is Your Ego.

A break up is the most done of social mental rejections and It also call with Your EGO Or Social rejection.

It is not only a rejection of your companionship but a rejection of your efforts and perceived personal potential. It is a kind of social rejection unlike any other. |The Pain of Love|

2nd reason for the pain of love is Your Expectations.

“Too much Expectations are invite Too much Pain In Life” – ONn

For many of us, living in the moment is very difficult. Instead of enjoying beautiful movement of life, we expecting a lot from future. Even if you are secure in your relationship, wondering what is next can cause physical and psychic pain.

It’s those questions that you run over and over in your head that do it. When will I see him again? What will we do, if anything, this weekend?  When can we move in together? When will she introduce me to her friends?

Also worrying about the future even you are in committed relationship, it cause lots of pain. The symptoms can be similar to those described above. You might also find yourself feeling needy and clingy, neither of which are very fun for your partner.

So, if this is you, worrying about the future constantly, try to let it go and focus on right now. |The Pain of Love|

3rd reason for the pain of love is Your uncertainty about the future.

No One see the future, that’s why there will lots of uncertainty about the Future. If some one know the future then,
The answers might surprise you!

Love is wonderful and when we are falling in it we feel so wonderful and secure. And happy. And we get accustomed, in a way, to that security and comfort and we don’t want it to go away.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in love. We know that from experience and our heart has fear that this relationship will turn out like others and will cause us lots of pain.

Try to manage your worries about the future. No one knows what will happen and worrying about it will only take away from the happiness that you are feeling right now. |The Pain of Love|

4th reason for the pain of love is Your mentally chemical crash.

Another reason for get pain in love is because of your body’s chemistry.

When you are falling in love, there is wonderful chemicals release by your body. Your hormones release chemicals such as Dopamine, serotonin, Oxycontin and endorphins.

These all simulator are experiencing love and lust and there chemicals are only secretion when you are falling in love or after your exercise about.

Like you are addicted with cigarette or alcohol, Just like that you also get addict to it. And when your love goes away from you. It give you lots of pain. |The Pain of Love|

5th reason for the pain of love is Keep Chasing your Past.

Whenever your chase your past, You will take yourself away from the present at where actual life lives.

The Past has passed and the Future is not in your hand.

That’s why forget your Past, Stop worrying about your Future and Enjoy your Present.

“Stop Chase People Who Don’t even remember You” – |ONn|

It’s time to stop chase people who don’t even remember you. Stop following Them. Not by Physically or nor Mentally. |The Pain of Love|

“In Love has Pain for sometime but Pain is Not love”

When you think about Love, You feel your are the supplier of the word. It gives you lots of imagination and dream.

But the pain of the love is completely different. It is like two aspect of coin. Both are opposite from each other but still together.

The Pain of Love | 5 Reasons behind getting Pain in Love.

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What would you add to this post? According to you what are the Reasons behind getting Pain in Love?  Leave Your valuable comment In Comment section and share your thoughts with Us. |ONn|

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