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The human body is the universe’s most complex structure made of bone, flesh, and blood. It is very difficult to even for today’s modern science to understand it. I share 32 amazing facts about the human body.

Which gives more knowledge to understand your self-structure.

1 It cannot be that you sneeze while sleeping.

  • We never sneeze in sleep, the reason behind that when we sleep, that nerve due to which we sneeze also sleeps, it does not work. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!

2 The normal human brain can read 1000 words per minute.

  • Which becomes as much as 3 pages of a book in a minute. In this way, if there is a book of 200 pages, then it can be read in an hour.
  • Out of which only a few words are remembered by a normal human.
  • The average 4 year old child ask 450 questions a day, in which Most of the questions are meaningless.

3 The human heart beats one lakh times in a day.

  • Whereas a rabbit’s heart beats around 2.5 lakh times in a Day.
  • The human heartbeat generates so much pressure that it can throw the blood 30 feet high, that is, as far away as a 2-storey building. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!
  • Women’s hearts beat faster than men.
  • The human heart pumps 182 million litres of blood during average lifetime.

4 The gluteus maximus is the largest and strongest muscle of the human body which is in the human hip.

5 The human body takes oxygen from the nose or mouth, Which reaches into the blood from the lungs and from the blood to all parts of the body.

But the only part of the body that had no blood supply is the cornea of the eye. It receives oxygen directly from the air By blinking the eye.

6 We know that there are bacteria in our body, but if we isolate them from ourselves, they would weigh 2 kg.

  • In human mouth there are 40000 bacteria.

7 The human anatomy is perfect in repairing itself, but teeth are the only part of the human body that cannot heal.

8 Until the newborn is 3.5 to 4 months old, they do not have tears in their eyes while crying, at this time only their voice is heard.

9 Human eyes remain the same size from birth to death.

  • It means there would be no change in the size of the eye till death. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!
  • But with increasing age, the lens becomes thicker, due to this, after the age of 40, that’s why people get near glasses, which is also called BETALA in the rustic language.

10 It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. (A fish is a creature that can’t close its eyes ever. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!)

  • Meaning that even if you hold the eye with both your hands while sneezing, it will definitely closed while sneezing.
  • Or else the nerves of your eyes may get damaged with doing this.
  • Actually, sneezing opens the nerves of the brain and if the sneezing is stopped, then your brain can also be harmed.
  • In such a situation, if the eyes remain open while sneezing, then the very thin veins of the eyes can be damaged.
  • That’s why nature has made a program to close the eyes while sneezing.

11 Due to smoking, you get less sleep at night. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!

  • if you get addicted to bidi or cigarettes, then there may be trouble in sleeping at night.

12 Our eyes can see only three colors, red, blue, and green.

  • The rest of the color makes your brain by mixing these three colors.

13 Eye muscles are much more agile and fast than other muscles of the body. That’s why in any event or accident, our eyes are the first to close. Only after this, the second defense system is activated. Like the intervening of hands, etc.

14 Our eyes show things in the opposite direction, which our brain makes straightens and provides a correct image.

  • When you look at the mirror, you see your inverted image in it, which means that the mirror always shows the correct image to you whose brain shows the reverse by its programming.

15 There is no relation between your weight and the size of the stomach, the stomach of both thin and fat people is of the same size.

  • the fatty stomach is only the result of your laziness.

16 Hydrochloric acid (HCl) present in the stomach has the ability to dissolve the metal. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!

  • Hydrochloric acid destroys harmful microorganisms that enter the body with food, liquid, and air.

17 Every day an average of 60000 thoughts come into the brain, out of which 90% of thoughts are negative.

18 The brain is the fattest part of the body which is so soft that it can be easily cut with a knife.

19 By the age of 5 human brains grow up to 95%, by the age of 18 it increases by 100% and after that it stops growing.

  • After the age of 30, our brain starts shrinking, that is, after this age, our brain’s ability to receive starts decreasing.

20 While laughing at the time 5 parts of the human brain work together, due to which our confidence level increases.

21 Scientists believe that the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe is the human brain.

  • When you learn something new, a wrinkle is formed in your brain, the more you learn, the more it will become a wrinkle.
  • it is like doing an exercise, the more you learn about something, the more wrinkles will be formed on your mind and the more Your mind will become stronger.

22 The human brain contains 75 to 80% water.

  • when there is a lack of water in the body, the brain stops working properly and it starts getting deluded.
  • The brain starts showing you such pictures which are not in reality at all.

23 The brain does not feel pain. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!

  • that is, if only the brain is operated then there will be no need for anesthesia.
  • but for the skull, anesthesia is necessary because the skull is bone and it feels pain.

24 The weight of the brain is about 2% of the body weight.

  • which means that if you are a 60 kg person, your brain will weigh about 1.2 kg.
  • Even though it is 2% of body wieght, it consumes 20% of the oxygen and calories present in the body.
  • If the brain does not get oxygen for 4 to 5 minutes, it can stop and if oxygen is not available for 5 to 10 minutes, brain damage can happen.

25 Inside the ear is the smallest bone in the body called the hammer.

  • When sound is heard it also vibrates with the eardrum. Up to 60 decibels of sound is normal for the human ear, more than this can cause deafness.

26 Ear wax, which we refer to as the accumulated waste in the ear, actually kills bacteria and protects the ear. Isn’t this an amazing facts on the human body!

27 Due to eating a large amount of food or climbing at high altitudes, the ability to hear becomes slightly reduced.

  • A sound of up to 60 decibels is normal for the ear or it can be said that a human can hear a sound of up to 60 decibels.
  • The sound of more than 60 decibels can bring deafness to the human ear.

28 How is our voice deep or thin? Its base is on the shape of our nose.

29 Women have more sense of smell than men.

  • A woman’s nose is smaller than a man’s, perhaps because of this, the woman is able to smell more than the man.
  • Lack of zinc in the body reduces the ability to smell.

30 Of the five senses, the nose is the only organ that is connected to the brain directly.

  • There is no bone in the nose which is made up of only five muscles.

31 A baby is born with 270 bones, but as they grow, the number of bones becomes only 206.

  • An estimated 64 bones join with other bones.
  • In which The strongest bone is the femur, which can beat even steel.
  • The load required for a fracture in the femur bone should be between 1000 – 13,000 N (225 – 3000 lb), equivalent to a mini truck.

32 A sneeze contains about 40,000 microscopic droplets which are enough to spread the virus or bacteria to the surrounding environment.

The Amazing Facts of Human Body
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