How to lose belly fat | Natural way to reduce it.

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When fat accumulates in your stomach then it becomes very difficult to reduce it. At that time your mind only think that How to loose belly fat?

When we set at only one place for more time, then the excess amount of fat which a body gains is known as belly fat. the fat get stored inside the stomach.

Belly fat is a bad symptom for a good healthy hygiene. Belly fat causes negativity in body. It gives birth to many other diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, tiredness and many other.

Belly fat is generally caused by using lot of flour (maida) in your daily routine. belly fat can be caused by eating more oily food, more fatty food, eating Pav, bread,etc. eating more junk foods like pizza, burger, fries, etc. it is not possible to lose belly fat completely once gained in 3 to 4 days. but belly fat can be loosen in days week’s or months by regular working on it.

There are different ways to lose belly fat naturally and artificially. in artificial people have to take more high power medicine which are lostly and can have many side effects.

Here we are going to discuss about natural ways to lose belly fat which are definitely working and have good result.

1st way to loose belly fat – Do Exercise.

One of the most important thing to workout to lose belly fat is to do regular exercise. Cardio exercise are more powerful to lose belly fat but if people can’t do that there are other exercises too.

To lose belly fat regular exercise is must in your daily routine. One should take and half hour daily for exercise. Running, jogging, cycling are some of good exercises to workout is easily.

Once you start doing this exercise you get sweat which will help to lose your extra fat slowly.

Eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains helps to reduce belly fat. Avoiding saturated fats and big portions will also help to lose belly fat. If possible, do 150 minutes or more of moderate aerobic activity each week to increase weight.

2nd way to loose belly fat – Maintain good diet.

Remain that always should eat to Live and not for live to eat.

Dieting should be such that your body does not get affected by weakness your diet plan must contain proteins and vitamins.

A good diet should be an heavy breakfast, good lunch, and miled dinner. diet should contain milk, Dal, Roti, green leafy vegetables, colorful juicy fruits, eggs, fish,etc. 

You should take olive oil instead of normal soil which is more healthy. Don’t take junk foods while you are dieting move away from processed foods.

3rd way to loose belly fat – Take deep sleep.

An healthy body makes a mind healthy. people who gets 6 to 7 hours of daily sleep tend to have lower measures of gaining more fat. create an healthy sleep schedule for day and make sure you follow it.

sleeping after eating can gain more fat as its lower down the digestion process. so try not to eat before sleeping.

4th way to loose belly fat – don’t be alcoholic.

Alcohol is good  up to some limit but it is injurious in long run. alcohol is injurious to health. It has been suggested by scientist and researches too much gain of alcohol can cause belly fat.

If you want to lose belly fat than consume less alcohol in your daily routine.

5th way to loose belly fat – lemon water.

Lemon water is best to reduce belly fat naturally.

For this take one glass of warm water then squeeze half a lemon and one spoon of honey (honey is good to reduce weight) mix it. Add one or two lemon slices in it. Your drink is ready.

Consume this drink one hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. In this one hour you should drink 1 or 2 litres of water to fasten the process.

Having this regularly in the morning one hour before the breakfast helps in cutting down the fat slowly.

This drinks help in good digestion and prevents body from gaining weight. Have this drink just once daily and not more than once.

6th way to loose belly fat – Cumin water.

Homemade drinks is one way which can assist you in losing weight safely. Cumin contains antioxidant which boost our metabolism and helps in losing the fat. Seed of Cumin is good for people having heart problems. it makes our hair too good. it helps in digestion.

Cumin remove bad cholesterol from the bodies which helps to loosen the weight. It contains lots of iron which is good for pregnant ladies.

For cumin water you will need cumin seeds. Take one spoon of cumin seeds and one and half glass of water. Now boil it well till water becomes one glass. The water has become yellow in colour and it is completely boiled. Now Filter it in a glass. let it cool for 10 minutes. Add one spoon of honey and mix it well.

Drink one hour before breakfast in an empty stomach. after taking this, drink plenty of water in this one hour. This will help you to lose belly fats.

Cucumber can also help to reducing your belly fat.

Cut it in small pieces and make Slices the cucumber. Pill out a lemon and cut it into the pieces. add some coriander leaves and one glass of water. grind it and then strain it in a glass. add one spoon of honey and mix it well.

Take this drink two time a Day and you can see the results.

7th way to loose belly fat – Avoid sugar-sweetened foods.

Sugar-sweetened foods are fully with liquid fructose, which will make you to  gain belly fat.

Sugary drink are always lead to increased fat in the liver and Sugary beverages appear to be more dangerous than high sugar foods.

To lose belly fat, it’s best to avoid sugar-sweetened foods such as soda, punch, sweet tea, alcoholic mixers containing sugar.

8th way to loose belly fat – Try fasting.

Intermittent fasting has become more popular now a days to lose belly fats. Fasting will help body to liquidate the fat stunk in your stomach. One method involves 24 hours fasts twice in a week.

Another one is to eat only in day time and do fast for almost 16 hours. Alternate day fasting too works good for loosing belly fat.

You should stop fasting immediately if you experience any negative effects.

These were  some ways to lose your belly fat. It is not impossible to lose your belly fat but following strict routine plan, workout daily then you can lose your belly fat slowly and gradually. 

How to loose belly fat | Natural way to reduce it.

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