How to gain respect from others | 9 ways to gain it.

How to gain respect from others? It feels frustrating and hurting when you are disrespected. People do not listen you, they don’t care for you, they put your feeling aside. You just don’t seem important to them.

“Respect must be earned with more actions and less with words” – ONn

Some people get respect naturally and others have to make hard work for it. It depends on people you have company around and the area or environment in which you stay and work.

You should start earning respect by taking an honest look at yourself and how you treat people around you.

“Respect is earned and not gained” – ONn

“The key to respect is to stop only focusing on your but also start thinking about others” – ONn

To gain respect me kind. Always be polite and respectful to everyone around you whom you meet daily. From your family, friends, children, relatives and neighbours and everyone with whom you make communication in day-to-day life.

It is easy to speak then to do these specially when you are in bad mood. But if you want to be treated respectfully give the same respect to others and the same respect you would like to receive.

Here are i suggest some ways to gain respect

1st way to gain respect Be a good person

To gain respect, You must be notability of being respected. Be a good person.

A person who is honest, caring, truth speaking earns more respect. The person who fulfils promises can get respect in one’s eyes. Speak truth, be clear and truly care about others.

Give respect to the people whom you work with and they will give you respect in return. smile and say please and thank you wherever necessary.

2nd way to gain respect is keep your promises

This is one of the most important factor from which you can take to start gaining respect.

“If you can not follow commitment of your past then don’t promise to do it in future” – ONn

Always stay loyal to commitments and fulfil your promises. Once if promise is not fulfilled then it becomes difficult to earn respect for second promise.

3rd way to gain respect is Stop to saying SORRY

People who are constantly saying sorry are usually less respected. They lose their self-respect everything saying sorry. They do not give thought on it and use sorry everywhere but they become possessive every time while saying sorry and are not well respected.

We should apologize by seeing place and time. Apologising doesn’t mean saying sorry and repeating mistakes again and again. By doing this you will lose the respect which you have earned so far.

Sometimes the mistakes you have made affects your family and friends. for that you can say sorry and you can apologize to them. These way you can earn respect.

But stop saying sorry hundreds of time for every little thing that goes wrong mainly in your work. To gain respect sorry is necessary but not every time.

4th way to gain respect is don't wasting your time

It means that if you have respect for others time, the same respect you will earn for yours. It means that not being late for interviews, appointments, not spending time useless while in meeting, taking to the point, solving issues rightly without making more trouble and making for others easy to take decisions mainly when they are more busy than you.

The best example can be a person take some money from his friend and promises to pay in stipulated time. But he fails to do so. Moreover he gives useless excuses and hope to pay some of money which is waste of time. In this the person losses the respect and the next and no one will have trust on same person.

“Be so busy living your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear” – ONn

5th way to gain respect is Practice your modesty

It is not always that you are not always going to be right. It is a fact that no human being on this globe is best at everything.

Every person you meet has a different view, a different opinion for you. Every person teaches you something confidence do not come from the thing  you are best.

Confidence comes from practising modesty and that every human being has something unique to give to world including you.

6th way to gain respect is always you Act mannerly

Abolish non respectful manners like cruising your eyes, focusing more on your cell phone or talking more with person. These actions are not only non respectful to the person you are interacting with but it prevent resolution of issues and create a chock that can become continuing.

Instead make an environment of respect full listening. Every need to get a chance to be heard even if you don’t agree always with one sides opinion.

7th way to gain respect is always Ready to help

If you are always being ready to give an help whenever they are needed or notice any opportunity to help you earn more respect. Look for chances to help that you might have earlier missed.

“Helping should be without consideration, You should not hope something in return (money) while doing help”

Take responsibility and do things without waiting for someone to ask for helping. You should see how many times you can be useful to someone in a day. This will give you more respect in eyes of people and this respect will be permanent.

8th way to gain respect is you have to change

Being wilful won’t get you anywhere. Realise that the method of growth or progress include change.

Change is an inevitable. Make an attempt to be a good, kind, caring person. Try to change your bad behaviour into good behaviour. Learn new skills, try new projects and examine your changing behaviour.

In this process congratulate yourself on an attempt of trying to be a good person by changing your habits.

9th way to gain respect is you have Stand for justice

When you see injustice happening around you, will you ignore it in the fear to conflict yourself ?? No, you have to stand by justice. Especially when a person is not able to stand by justice alone.

Sometime there may be a time that you cannot stand by justice for yourself but you don’t have to lose your hope. You have to stand by others for justice.

By doing this you may gain respect from other person. Stand by person without being afraid of confrontation.

How to gain respect from others | 9 ways to gain it.

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