Friends for Life meaning | Signs of truly best friends.

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Before You getting Friends for Life meaning, You should to know about What is a friend?

In the dictionary a friend is defined as one that is not aggressive, or one attached to another by sentiment or respect , a favoured partner.

In real Life, There are lots of friend who meets only in weather of fair, But true and reliable friends will meet few and hard to come by.

From your birth you meet thousands of persons, some become family members and some become your friends. out of that sum becomes too much closer to you they are called “BEST FRIENDS“. – ONn

Friendship is necessary for the successful well being of every person. It is based on the simple rules of trust, care, loyalty and honesty. “A true friend is a person you can always count on when you face challenges and serious problems and in your difficult times” – ONn

Notice the person who are happy for your happiness and are sad for your sadness. They are the one who deserves special places in your heart. Many people will walk in and out in your life but only true and real friends will leave memories in your heart.

You meet many People in a journey of Life but only some stay with you forever and these are your real friends.|ONn|

The signs of truly best friends are as follows…

1st Meaning of Friends for Life – A person who do not leave you in your hardest times.

In life There comes a time in which we have to face difficult situations. At that time friends become our shoulder and take our difficulties as there difficulties.

True friends share and support each other even during the toughest of time.

2nd Meaning of Friends for Life – Friend is a person who is honest to you always.

Honesty is the most important factor in friendship. You have to choose a person who is honest to you in every aspect of life. Just like with emotions, decision making, etc.

A best friend is someone who shares all the secrets of their life to you without any hesitations.

3rd Meaning of Friends for Life – Tolerance and patients.

To keep Your friendship continue and long lasting tolerance and patience are important factor.

When your are in anger or in a bad mood the person who tolerates you in any situation is your true real friend.

4th Meaning of Friends for Life – Person who don't judge you.

True friends are those who don’t discriminate between colour, caste, gender, financial position, or religion. they only connected with each others by heart. They do not have blood relations but they have greater than that relations.

To Judging Someone for supporting themselves or helping themselves is Good But to embarrass them is a very bad thing.

5th Meaning of Friends for Life – Person with whom you like to live.

Whenever you are sad or upset you want to call only one person to say all the things that is called best friends and with whom You share all the secrets with that person.

A good friend will be like that scolding angel on your shoulder. They will tell you the truth even if it might hurt your feelings a little. They will be honest about their feelings and see your honesty and will try to understand.

Good friends are always ready to give attention on your word. They comfort with the injustices of the world and celebrate your achievement.

Following are the points for how to be a good friend…

1st Meaning to become Friends for Life – listen to them.

You have always try to listen things from your friends point of view. First listen to all the things and then give your advice or help them.

2nd Meaning to become Friends for Life – Share your feeling to them and listen their feeling too.

Whenever you become friend to anyone, First be trustworthy and faithful to them.

Once you know that he or she will not break your trust then you share all the Feeling and same shareable secrets of your life to them. So that you can feel relaxed.

3rd Meaning to become Friends for Life – be ready to help.

Always be ready to help your friends, Whenever need it in their difficult situation. If you are not in the good times then it is OK! but you should be in their bad times.

4th Meaning to become Friends for Life – don't break your friendship by listening to someone else.

There maybe many people who will feel jealous with your friendship and they will tell you many bad things about your friends, but you should never come in such type of things as they are trying to break your friendship.

You should always have trust on your best friend that if he or she is saying something than that is good for You.

5th Meaning to become Friends for Life – Help them to get on Right Path.

If your friend is going towards any whirpool of bad habits or in wrong direction explain them that he or she is doing wrong thing and take them in right path.

6th Meaning to become Friends for Life – Learn to Forgive.

Forgiveness is the another important factor in friendship.

Man is made up of mistakes, So if he or she makes mistakes than one should forgive that, So that the strength of the friendship will be more strong.

7th Meaning to become Friends for Life – Learn to Apologize.

If you have made mistakes then don’t hide with your friends. instead of hiding it, you have to share with them and apologize for the same mistake which you have made.

For sometimes it may happens that your friend will be anger with you and maybe they don’t talk with you, but at last he will definitely forgive you.

8th Meaning to become Friends for Life – Don't feel shy to say Sorry.

When you make a mistake and if you say sorry to your friend, then In such a situations your friends will forgive you. But you do not say them sorry and if you stand with stick your ego then they will also do that.

Saying sorry for your mistake will prove you a good best friend. You should try to explain misunderstandings and try to solve it.

8th Meaning to become Friends for Life – be Honest.

Being honest is another way of being a good true friend.

Its important characteristic of a person who is a true, good, and a loyal friend. Honesty is the best policy. The person who is honest to everyone catches the heart of every person around them. He never does work without honesty.

Sometimes i think what is friend?

“Just as the Sea is empty without fish, similarly the Life without friends is Incomplete” – ONn

Friends for Life meaning | Signs of truly best friends.

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